Linux Desktop Support

NumberedHumanIndustries is a company built to help sustain the Free, Libre, and Open Source users community In Richmond, IN and abroad. The owner and employee zero of NHI is Justin O’Brien (aka threethirty) who has been a Linux user for almost a decade. In that time Justin has made many great connections,

worked on some incredable

projects, and has learned a lot. He would like to bring this dedication and knowledge to work for the community.

As often happens a family member, friend,

or just that nerdy kid down the street saves an otherwise useless computer from the dead thanks to the power of the Linux Operating System. But due to their busy schedule, or you just not wanting to bother them, they seem out of reach when you have problems or questions. This is where I would like to help.

I support: Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, Mint, and many others

Have Questions? Need a Quote?

Call (765) 465 8322 or Email three [at] threethirty [dot] us


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